Top Story: Motorcycle Theft up 23% on last year

Kawasaki Z750 2017

Motorcycle security is extremely useful for bike enthusiasts that want to keep their beloved motorcycle safe and sound wherever it is, but it is also one of the most neglected types of property security out there.

That is not to say that there is not enough motorcycle security products out there because there is literally a massive market featuring hundreds of products.

Instead, individuals just fail to tap into it, despite the fact that they should really take precautions.

A quick look around will reveal the motorcycle security options that are open to you. These options include:

  1. Motorcycle security begins with being aware of your surroundings. Do not leave your bike in a dark alley somewhere or try to hide it because the people that you do not want to find it will! Always leave it in a well lit place that is visible from the building in which you are so that you can see it! Or at least someone can see it.
  2. Make sure that you invest in motorcycle security locks. There are various locks around. There are chain locks, or disk locks. The latter actually disables your brake disk and thus completely disables the bike. They are a good idea because thieves take far longer to crack them.
  3. Motorcycle security wheel clamps and ground anchors can secure your bike where it stands and well and truly prevent individuals from taking it! Ground anchor especially are hard to shake off and disable the bike until they are removed so be sure to invest in them!
  4. Although you have insurance to guard against theft and damage, you should always look into motorcycle security because prevention is always better than cure! The more motorcycle security that you employ the better, so take a look at what’s available today.

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